A Full-Service Video Production Company

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Creating distinctive videos since 1995

Purple Cow Productions, Inc. is a video production company and post-production facility committed to providing creative ideas, media expertise and the ultimate in personal attention.






Why Purple Cow?

Back in 1995 we found ourselves discussing the name for our new production company while driving down a remote stretch of a two-lane road.  We couldn’t think of a name but we could agree on one thing, we wanted our new company to turn heads.  Then we saw it, a purple cow.  It stood proudly alongside the road on someone’s farm.  As we sped by, we wondered if the cow was real.  It sure looked real. And if not, why would someone paint a cow purple?  We decided to turn around and investigate.

Then it hit us.  This purple cow was everything we wanted our company to be:  unique, fun, daring and most of all creative.  We didn’t want our company to be lumped in with all the other run-of–the-mill brown cow companies out there.  By the way, the cow was not real; we are.  SO turn that car around and come check us out!



News & Events

Wrapping up post-production for national hospitality company and their internal communication campaign.  

Pre-production has begun for Orlando based firm embarking on their first national campaign.  We love the creative process!

Have you seen our internet campaign videos for the largest community college program in southeast America?  

Recent Projects